Singapore™ GS0469-YA Rectangular Vessel 19,7-in Ceramic Bathroom Sink in Black


Our SINGAPORE GS0469-YA is rectangular with rounded corner white model above the counter ceramic basin. This sink is made from true vitreous china. The 469 models come in 2 colors, white and black. Its overall dimension is 19,7″L x 15,7″W x 5,5″D. All of our models come with a warranty.

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Discover fresh and exceptional looks with the Singapore™ series in a selection of classic white or bold matte black finish. For a statement look the Singapore™ sinks are the ones for you with a flowing shape and a smooth, non-porous surface with a baked-on glaze for a high-end finish. Only minimal maintenance requirements are needed to keep these sinks clean, such as wiping with a damp cloth. Above-counter installed sinks provide endless design possibilities for your bathroom vanity by freeing up space on the bathroom counter. Give your bathroom an illuminating touch with a Casa Blanca™ sink and experience the Grifon value.


Benefits & Features

  • Above-Counter design installation: making the sink easily replaceable without modifying or replacing the entire vanity, and allows more space on the bathroom countertop offering not only a distinctive look but also a practical
  • A Perfect Sink for the Contemporary Bathroom: modern look with slim outlines and beautiful matte finish adding the ultimate minimal and elegant look to any bathroom design
  • Highly Resilient Material: Singular durability and extraordinary resistance to shock as well as color sustainability for a consistent tone resisting to the factor of time, due to the unique composition of compound material
  • High-End matte finish with soft and smooth surface. Proprietary finishing process ensures a consistently impeccable surface and sustains the unique look of the sink
  • Ultra-thin layer of gelcoat provides exceptional resistance to scratches and stains
  • Easy to Clean: Non-porous surface repelling fungus, mildew, and water splashes. Also, tough stains like makeup and wine can easily be cleaned
  • Naturally Hygienic : innovative uniform structure offers a sealed surface impenetrable by germ and bacterial formation, for a hygienic and safer bathroom sink
  • Several Shapes: Available in a choice of round, or square, or rectangular design, allowing you to choose the style that best suits your desire and bathroom design
  • Quality & Value: Astonishing designs meet durable performance with resilient surfaces
  • Timeless Style: classy porcelain sink creates an exquisite finishing touch for any bathroom design
  • Lifetime limited warranty: we stand behind our products so you can use them with confidence knowing we have raised the standards of quality and effectiveness to an exceptional level in the industry

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See another model from the SINGAPORE Collection


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