Granite Sinks

Granite Sinks




      When it comes to kitchen sinks in Granite Quartz composite, we at GRIFON have been pioneers since 1997. With many choices of Granite sinks for all tastes, we have been continuously developing it ever since. In the ultra modern sink space, we're simply in our element.

      Find and Choose Sink That Get Sets-in With Your Kitchen

      Pioneering to design unique and durable kitchen sinks since 1997, Grifon has become popular in making granite quartz for your kitchens. We have been constantly satisfying the tastes of our customers to make their kitchens glamorous. Our customers like the ultra-modern space and deep sinks in the kitchen to do their household work with ease. Scratch-resistant granite composite sinks can be easily cleaned. Due to this, they are more durable and also stylish to buy.

      A granite sink makes your kitchen durable with less effort to maintain it. AZUR series granite sinks designed at Grifon have been engineered with acrylic resins and granite stone dust to form a sink-like structure. It has been designed in single and double bowl undermount and apron front types as per the requisites of our customers.

      Easy cleaning of the sink has become a priority for our customers in the kitchen. At Grifon, quality is maintained in designing composite granite sinks as they are formed under high temperatures in order to make them hygienic and resistant to scratches and stains.

      Granite composite sinks are scratch-resistant and easy to clean. These sinks are a good option for homeowners looking for a more durable sink with a sleek design.